Top 5 Customer Service Strategies for Physical Therapists

5 “Must Do’s” for Happy Patients



When was the last time you were somewhere and felt like you totally wasted your money or time?  You can probably vividly remember the way it made you feel.  You probably left thinking, “well, I’m never going back there and I’m going to make sure my family and friends do not go there either.”   Now think of the last time you were somewhere and they outperformed expectations.  What does that feel like?

I was getting my hair cut the other day and the woman who cut my hair totally exceeded my expectations.   As she was cutting my hair she began explaining the details of why she was doing this particular cut based on my head shape.   I actually do not care about the details of cutting hair but she was so passionate in her explanation I found myself getting fired up about getting my haircut!  Her energy and passion rubbed off on me.  When she was done, she washed my hair, grabbed a warm towel and placed it on my head, it felt so good.  Again, totally exceeding my expectations, I get a smile on my face thinking about it.  She made me feel that I actually under paid for service!  She provided an environment for me to have such a good experience that every time I think about getting my haircut I have a good feeling inside.


My haircut was $15.  She took the time and energy to provide a fantastic experience and I paid $15.

Do you know the value of a customer?  Lets talk numbers in our world.

Say we average the plan of care at 12 visits.  Figure roughly $100 per visit, the customer in front of you is worth anywhere from $1,200 – $1,500.  Are they being treated like they are worth this?

cash money

These people are spending their hard earned money, they are making sacrifices in other areas of their lives, they have made the commitment to get well.  These people are at a point of transformation in their lives, and they need help.  Are we giving them what they need?  Are we providing the experience they need?   Environment and experience is so important in healing.

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This is something that in health care we do not think about very much but I believe it is absolutely necessary to be aware how much people are paying to get well!

When people spend that kind of money, it becomes about the experience.  Since insurance is not covering what it used to and people are paying more out of pocket, they are realizing if they are not happy they can leave.  If they are not pleased with an experience at one location they can pick up and leave.   What kind of experience are you providing for the customer?  What is the value of you providing that type of experience?

We take this mindset so seriously that we have actually developed our top 5 strategies for providing a fantastic customer service experience.  These 5 strategies have provided an experience for the patient that they feel outperforms their expectations.  We have tried many different strategies but have settled on these 5 because of the feedback we have received from the patients.

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