At the heart of everything we do is a desire to share the passion we have for the profession we are so lucky to be involved in. We Believe there is a strong pulse of physical therapist who desire to do better, who desire to put away tradition, leave the "status quo" and explore. We believe there are many who desire to protect the profession we love for the future

It all started with two physical therapist who felt absolutely terrible at the amount of people dependent on pain medication, people under going surgeries thay did not need, people being led down a path of destruction and being a product of "the system." We knew that physical therapy truly has the power help people fell better whithout surgery, without injections, without pain medication. We felt a tug to unite a community of physical therapists who also knew this truth and are devoted to making this a reality.

We became physical thrapist who are on fire for the potential of our profession

This is what is at the heart of Physical Therapist on Fire

When we see our logo we smile. We know it stands for a movement of people who are on Fire for helping improve the live of others. Helping others return to simply enjoying life, in whatever way they choose. The more talk with physical therapists, we realize this is not just our passion, this is a passion and desire we share with many. Everyone has a different story as to why they are on fire for our profession and each story reflects a different road traveled. We realized we were definitely part of something bigger than just us. Physical theraphy is a shared experience that belongs to everyone. This experience is not just shared by physical therapists but also shared by patients and clients who have encountered physical therapy.

This community is for physical therapists who are on fire for turning this around. Become part of what helped make our profession the one that reversed the trends and dependencies of pain medication and injections. Reversed the trend of premature surgery, reversed the belief that pain is something normal "we just have to deal with." Become a part of something bigger than all of us.