Episode 8- Lenny Parracino (Gray Institute Faculty)


Physical therapists Andrew Gorecki and Nick Hawkins welcome Lenny to the podcast today. In the ever changing world of PT continuing education and connecting that new information and training into the everyday practice is vital to the success of a private practice. Lenny discusses the importance of allowing a patients movement to do the talking.

[1:00] Meet Lenny!

[5:33] Lenny and Nick discuss the importance of continuing education.

[6:30] “And when I come back to the books, I realize that the books are really just an interpretation of a person’s observation.”

[7:00] Lenny discusses the changes coming with soft tissue therapy.

[8:08] Lenny touches on continuing ed and the connection between continuing ed and treating patients.

[9:46] “Information without a system is just chaos.”

[11:02] The platinum rule.

[12:28] Lenny discusses the way that he connects his education and his training.

[15:58] Lenny outlines his routine for treating a patient, allowing his expertise and his education to guide him.

[20:45] “There is a huge difference between healing and feeling, just because it feels good doesn’t mean it’s healed.”

[22:54] Let the movement do the talking.

[24:32] Andrew discusses Lenny’s article “Structure VS Function”

[25:31] The three questions for Lenny:

[25:32] What has been your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it?

[28:32] What are you doing to “feed” yourself?

[31:24] What are you looking forward to in the next five years?

[37:44] Where to find Lenny!

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