Episode 9- Brittney Capiello- MyCoreFloor


Brittney Cappiello, DPT joins physical therapists Nick Hawkins and Andrew Gorecki to discuss her work with the pelvic floor, or the core floor while working against the information that society and the medical community are telling patients, namely women about their pelvic floor dysfunctions. Brittney is passionate about her work and the success of her Core Floor class is evidence that she’s succeeding!


[1:26] Brittney discusses her work with the pelvic floor and what she’s currently working on at her clinic in Massachusetts.

[3:26] Andrew touches on Applied Functional Science and what it means to be a Fellow from the Gray Institute, and how the experience of blending traditional PT and AFS can bring better results.

[4:20] Brittney shares how treating the pelvic floor is different than any other PT experience she’s had.

[5:12] one in three women have a problem with their pelvic floor.

[6:22] Brittney discusses her frustrations with society and the pelvic floor, she also discusses current treatments available.

[7:28] “And I think part of the problem is that even most of the medical community isn’t necessarily aware of all of the treatment options out there.”

[9:30] Andrew touches on being passionate about not only educating patients, but also doctors in musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

[9:35] Only 15% of MD’s and DO’s coming out of school get information in graduate school on musculoskeletal dysfunctions and treatments.

[10:48] Brittney discusses her upcoming online class “My Core Floor”

[13:29] “This class is designed to be workable into everyday life…it was designed for the busy mom or woman.”

[15:38] What is the strategy for getting this information to our patients?

[16:29] The myths surrounding the pelvic floor.

[19:24] The Free Assessment- your core floor score

[21:18] Why the Core??

[23:35] The pelvic floor is not just for women.

[25:37] How to contact Brittney!


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