Episode 5- Dr. Jeff Moore; Grinding It As A PT


Episode 1: Dr. Jeff Moore talks about what it is like to really “Grind It” as a PT

Dr. Jeff Moore is a physical therapist, fellow of the osteopathic manual therapy association, physical therapist at Back in Motion Physical Therapy in Kingsford, MI, owner of the…

Institute of Clinical Excellence and faculty member where he juggles treating patients on a daily basis and on the weekends traveling around the country teaching physical therapists how to be better with their hands. What an inspiration and I hope this podcast helps you get more motivated and inspired about physical therapy. Enjoy!
[0:55] Meet Jeff Moore! What does he do?
[2:00] Jeff shares about his passion for his patients and his work.
[4:37] “You wanna live this stuff from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed….that’s not work, that’s living!”
[5:40] Jeff shares about his own clinic and what they’re doing.
[7:24] What differentiates happy PT’s from unhappy PT’s??
[8:31] The servant attitude is contagious.
[9:12] Jeff discusses his venture with “The Institute of Clinical Excellence”.
-No Rules
-Uniformed Language
[15:00] Looking at the needs of your avatar and finding the sweet spot to allow growth to happen.
[15:27] Jeff shares his strategies for getting the word out on his content and classes.
[16:43] The questions: What has been your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?
[21:19] What do you do (personal/professional) to stay motivated and fueled?
[24:44] What are you on fire about right now?
[30:24] How to find Jeff Moore.




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