Episode 3- David Stricklin; Seattle Seahawks Athletic Trainer


David Stricklin joins Dr. Nick Hawkins and Dr. Andrew Gorecki in today’s show and discusses his role as an athletic trainer with the Seattle Seahawks and also discusses his role in the Ricardo Lockette incident. The guys talk about how Applied Functional Science aids and assists David while he is training and recuperating injured athletes and how it connects with the world of physical therapy!

  • [00:28] Meet David Stricklin!
  • [2:16] “Whatever it is that we do is an accumulation of the people who help put us here.”
  • [2:57] David discusses Ricardo Lockette and what his experience was.
  • [4:07] “His particular injury you never see because the patient is usually dead.”
  • [5:00] David touches on his role during the Lockette injury.
  • [6:48] The guys discuss how long the training for these events take and how often they run drills to be prepared for actual injuries.
  • [8:24] David talks about the Super Bowl and his role in them.
  • [9:53] Beast mode.
  • [10:54] A day in the life of an NFL trainer.
  • [13:20] David discusses the functional testing that takes place throughout the season in order to keep players functioning.
  • [15:12] David touches on the team that he works with, and his role in that team.
  • [18:32] Where does AFS fall into place in David’s team?
  • [19:39] What is David doing to continue his education and feed the fire?
  • [21:14] David discusses how he builds trust with the athletes and forms relationships with them.
  • [24:50] Andrew touches on how GIFT connects with his everyday life.
  • [25:26] The three PT on Fire Questions:
    • What is your biggest failure?
    • How are you currently feeding your mind, body, and spirit?
    • What are you looking forward to in the next five years?

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