Episode 2- Greg Todd; Physical Therapy Builder


Greg Todd joins physical therapists Andrew Gorecki and Nick Hawkins in today’s podcast discussing his journey from corporate PT into private practice and how simply passion and listening to your patients desires will sky rocket the success of your private practice.

[1:03] Meet Greg Todd.
[4:05] Greg talks about the struggle from moving from corporate PT to private practice PT, and how the reward outweighs the struggle.
[8:40] The importance of having team mates/partners to make the show run as smooth as possible.
[10:48] Greg discusses asking the patients what they want. “They are the brains behind it all.”
[12:20] “When you work for a corporate setting, if all they are about is how many units you can bill…your brain is limited, you can’t even think of these things.”
[13:54] Nick discusses that being humble and reaching out to your patients and staff members is essential to a growing practice.”
[15:55] “But we’re not trained to do that, we’re trained to do insurance therapy, not physical therapy.”
[18:31] The Apple concept.
[19:50] Greg talks about gaining someone’s trust, and how keeping that trust is crucial to your success.
[20:53] PT’s are NOT dogs!
[24:00] why we need to change the pathway for new physical therapists.
[25:07] “We need to bring them [physicians] as much value as they bring us, and then the relationship changes.”
[27:30] there is value in building a following.
[29:51] Greg touches about the importance and the significance of live video social media.
[31:57] How to find Greg!
[34:50] Podcast Giveaways

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