Episode 14- Chris Manson: Kinexit


Hosted by Dr. Andrew Gorecki

In this episode of PT on Fire Dr. Andrew Gorecki meets with the founder of Kinexit, Chris Manson. Kinexit is a mobile app that revolutionizes personal training by combining the fundamentals of applied functional science with the convenience of mobile use and the results of intense one on one personal training all while catering to the goals of the user.

[01:48] Meet Chris Manson!

[04:28] Chris discusses the AFS game changer.

[06:37] What is Kinexit?

[07:28] “We wanted to create something that is very, very personalized where we create a direct solution for the end user, where we provide systematic precision training.”

[08:50] What is the “secret sauce” of Kinexit?

[11:09] “…Prescripted training that’s meant for you and your body, and your restrictions, and your sports…”

[12:30] What about personal trainers?

[15:28] Chris touches on who is using Kinexit right now, and what the feedback has been from its current users!

[17:26] “…training anywhere, anytime, with the time you have…”

[18:53] What is the vision and passion of Kinexit?

[24:28] Movement is medicine!

[27:39] How YOU can access Kinexit!



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