Episode 13- Movement Screens

Physical Therapists Nick Hawkins and Andrew Gorecki bring the fire today discussing the missing link in the PT world today, movement screens. They share common movement screens available and they also share their approach to movement screens-3D Maps. Join Nick and Andrew as they share their frustrations and ignite the fire for getting to the root of the musculoskeletal issues at hand.


[00:57] Andrew addresses what a movement screen is and what the purpose of one is.

[1:46] The dentist model.

[3:50] Nick discusses how over time our body gives us warning signs to something that needs to be addressed.

[4:32] “I think that’s where the movement screen comes in, it can just quickly identify why the issue was there in the first place and you can go after it.”

[5:40] Andrew talks about the most common movement screens available, and why 3D maps gives the most compelling results.

[8:28] Andrew discusses the barriers between patients and the movement screen.

-Lack of belief

[10:46] the question is WHY.

[11:20] more physical therapists needs to be trained to perform a movement screen.

[11:40] Gray institute 3D maps certification, the best way to learn how to perform a movement screen.

[13:46] Many times during a screening, the patient will recognize that there is a deficit.

[14:15] Andrew discusses the rise in surgeries, and how PT and simple movement screenings can help identify problems and solve them before surgery is necessary.

[16:40] Nick talks about his opportunity at the YMCA to get the word out for movement screens.

[19:12] Andrew touches on what fitness movement screens look like and how they may not inform someone on what they truly need to address.

[22:05] “That’s the big problem with our whole profession; people have no clue what we do, and if we don’t fix that we’re going to be extinct.”

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