Episode 11- How To Be A Customer Servant

Physical therapists Andrew Gorecki and Nick Hawkins sit down to discuss the importance of not only serving your patients physical needs, but serving them through the act of killer customer service. They hit on many hot topics happening today in PT clinics across country. WHY is it important to be deliberate in your clinic when it comes to customer service? Are you a customer servant? Listen to find out.

  • [0:44] “Often times, especially when we’re busy, we don’t go the extra mile to service our patients.”
  • [1:40] Nick shares about the $6,000 egg.
  • [6:29] The magnification of the word of mouth referral
  • [7:30] Andrew shares on facilitating a purposeful word of mouth with PT patients, and the hurdles to go through do if things go south.
  • [8:55] “I think that when you do the extra things, above clinical experience, that’s when people have a REASON to talk about it.”
  • [9:40] Andrew shares that the most important thing to realize is that “if someone is having a bad experience, there’s a really good chance that they’re not going to tell you.” Take the opportunity to ASK and give them the opportunity to TELL you.
  • [10:10] The FIVE things Superior Physical Therapy does on purpose to facilitate a positive experience:
    • [10:20] 1. The card.
    • [13:12] 2. Asking about the experience throughout treatment, verbally and through new patient emails. People want to know they’re being heard.
    • [17:08] 3. Follow up phone calls from the therapist after an initial evaluation, the night of or the next day, becoming a patient’s go to PT for life.
    • [21:31] 4. Email campaigns, providing additional information and resources to patients to promote healing, and build trust.
    • [29:03] 5. Technology to enhance the experience.
      • Each patient is getting personalized video home exercises straight to their email.
      • Videos to educate on different ailments, example: Top three exercises for low back pain.
    • [33:12] Podcast review: becoming a better customer servant.

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