Episode10- Who Moved My Cheese?

The world of Physical Therapy is changing rapidly. In this episode of PT on Fire, physical therapists Nick Hawkins and Andrew Gorecki move through the newly implemented change of direct access and what it means for private therapy practices. They discuss their own methods for fully taking advantage of direct access and how it has greatly benefited Superior Physical Therapy. Are you ready to stop relying only on the old methods of bringing new patients in and start embracing the changes coming to the physical therapy profession? Listen to find out how.

    • [0:20] Synopsis of Spencer Johnson’s book “Who Moved My Cheese?”
    • [3:02] “If you do not change, you could become extinct.”
    • [3:12] Andrew discusses what the ‘cheese’ of the PT world is, and how it could be changing.
    • [4:10] The game changer of direct access and the new opportunities it provides.
      • Are you ready for the change of ‘cheese’?
    • [5:11] “When you can get comfortable with direct access, and see how you can enjoy the new cheese, that allows you to change course, and in the PT world this allows us to think of ways we can become the primary professional for musculoskeletal injuries.”
    • [6:45] Andrew discusses the ‘norm’ in practices today, and how physical therapists need to be searching for new ways to educate the public on the VALUE of a physical therapist.
    • [7:32] “We’re not just going to have another source of business unless we go after it.”
    • [7:47] What does Superior Physical Therapy do to get “new cheese” and take advantage of direct access?
      • [8:12] Low Back Pain Workshops, going to the patient directly and giving them the information they need to come to us without a referral/RX.
      • [17:21] Abraham Lincoln said “If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 4 of them sharpening my saw.”
      • [17:47] Finding new cheese in all areas of your profession, not only clinically. Think also marketing strategy, leadership, etc.
    • [18:06] Physician referrals are not negative, but we need to be wise and understand the changing market.
    • [19:06] Nick discusses his gym adventures, using something he’s already doing and looking for ways to further market his expertise.
      • His gym now allows him to speak monthly and offer free movement screens.
    • [22:30] Andrew and Nick discuss the importance of finding new ways to branch out, allowing yourself to be inspired and on fire for finding new cheese!
    • [25:05] Find your passion and GO WITH IT!
    • [25:25] Invisage and Telemedicine: branching out sometimes means creating something that doesn’t exist yet.
    • [27:18] Podcast Summary: Take the time to innovate and take advantage of the opportunity to find “new cheese”

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