Episode 7- Facebook Marketing For Physical Therapy

  • [1:20] Andrew discusses the current state of the PT world and how heavily we rely on physician referrals.
  • [2:45] “The whole [PT] profession has a marketing problem.”
  • [3:28] “When the cheese gets moved all hell breaks loose.”
  • [4:50] Andrew speaks about the importance of social media, and the difference between branding VS content marketing.


  • [6:20] what is the point of Facebook marketing?[6:26] the call to action, WHAT do you want your audience to do?
    • [6:52] Likes, shares, clicks
    • [7:16] “Social media is the plumbing for word of mouth.”
  • [8:12] Andrew discusses why being able to measure your return on investment is pivotal to the success of your marketing dollars.
  • [14:32] The two main ads to be running on Facebook:
    • [14:33] A ‘like’ ad: an ad to promote the person to ‘like’ your page
    • [15:09] The call to action ad: getting people to respond to your call, essentially to come into your clinic. Superior example: monthly workshop
  • [15:54] The four different types of audiences.
    • [16:01] Your OWN audience: past patients through your email list.
    • [17:20] Your own Facebook fans: people that already ‘like’ you.
    • [18:05] Similar Facebook pages: pages that are similar to your business or skill set.
    • [20:04] Facebook lookalike audiences: cross referencing patterns and behaviors of other audiences on Facebook.
  • [21:36] “The challenge is narrowing it [Facebook] down to finding the people in the crowd you want to talk to, which is what makes the audience so important.”
  • [21:46] Podcast Recap, what are we doing on Facebook to create the best audience and generate growth within our clinic?

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