Episode 21- Motivational Interviewing

Join Dr. Nick Hawkins and Dr. Andrew Gorecki in today’s podcast on why 70% of patients don’t complete plan of cares and what you can do about it through the act of motivational interviewing!

[2:34] Who is this episode for?

[3:45] “If people do not do what we say, their lives will not be touched, and the shift needs to happen in our OWN brains.”

[4:10] Common ‘traps’ PT’s fall in to during patient care and how it can affect patient outcomes.

[7:07] The ways that we can make the shift in our minds and ultimately lead patients to completing the plan of care.

[9:18] Elicit, Provide, Elicit.

[16:50] Treat others how they would treat themselves—What YOU want for your patient may not be what they want.

[18:30]  DARN: desire, ability, reason, need.


Resources from Today’s Show:

Motivational Interviewing by William R. Miller


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