Episode 20- Facebook Strategy

[1:00] Why do most people fail at Facebook marketing?

[1:35] How does Andrew look at Facebook as a business owner?

[3:39] Facebook allows you to target your dream patient/client. It allows you to pin point your avatar and advertise directly to them.

[6:00] Andrew discusses why picking your avatar is vital and how choosing the wrong avatar can waste your marketing dollars.

[8:30] It all starts with the sales funnel.

[9:15] Lead magnet, trip wire, call to action.

[17:50] “…most PT’s are just guessing, you don’t know why what you did worked or didn’t work. You have to have a way to test. The beauty of a sales funnel is that there is always a way to test how effective your dollars were spent.”

[25:10] Social media is just a tool, if your strategy is not solid, you’ll be wasting money.

[25:30] The end goal is the core service.

[27:19] Get your visual sales funnel for free! Click here!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

No BS Direct Response Marketing by Dan Kennedy

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins


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