Episode 18- Adam Wolf


Dr. Nick Hawkins and Dr. Andrew Gorecki sit down in today’s podcast to touch base with Adam Wolf and dive in to the world of AFS paired with manual muscle testing–or integrated motion. The guys go deep also discussing behavioral and emotional struggles those in pain deal with and how as a physical therapist you handle those situations. Stay tuned to the end to find out how to get a glimpse into Adam’s new book titled “Real Movement”.

[1:52] They guys dive with discussing the time leading up to the release of Adam’s new book.

[5:05] Adam and Nick go over how they came to a partnership and touch on manual muscle testing.

[10:00] Test, treat, retest

[11:27] Manual Muscle Test Findings—you can test most muscles from a functional position.

[17:33] “We open neurological windows.”

[19:57] Adam and Nick discuss motor control theories and how it can transfer over to clinical application.

[23:30] Adam touches on behavior changes that may need to occur as they relate to the resolution of pain.

[28:12] You didn’t know you didn’t know.

[30:50] The individual essentials: movement, rest and recovery, nourishment, behavior.

[31:26] “If there is dysfunction in the body, one of those four things is out of whack.”

[41:43] How to get Adam’s book! www.biomechanicaldetective.com

[42:59] The Freebie! Get a taste of Adam’s book.
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