Episode 17- Joe Tofferi- Online Personal Training


Joe Tofferi-Kinexit

[2:42] Meet Joe!

[5:30] Kinexit

[5:48] “One of the hardest things to do is to maximize your potential globally, and to scale things.”

[9:15] The Coach’s dashboard.

[11:20] Nick touches on his experience with Kinexit.

[13:37]  “The thing that stands out is that there’s no other program online that actually takes you through a test to look at your individual body and identify any limitations you might have.”

[14:15] Joe discusses how Kinexit individualizes workout programs.

[15:20] Nick touches on how Kinexit can connect to physical therapy aftercare.

[19:13] Kinexit is a tool for the personal trainer/physical therapist/strength coach’s toolbox.

[23:18] How YOU can get Kinexit!

[23:46] The three PT on Fire questions for Joe!


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