Episode 16- Aaron Lebauer: How To Run a Cash PT Practice


Aaron LeBauer

Show Notes:

[1:06] How in the world did Aaron open a PT Practice two months after graduation?

[2:00] “You value quality over the traditional quantity.”

[2:18] Aaron discusses his background and how he came to opening a cash PT practice.

[6:34] Aaron touches on how he fell into the role of teacher; guiding others into a cash based PT practice.

[9:30] Marketing, marketing, marketing.

[12:07] Who moved my cheese?

[13:57] “It doesn’t matter if you go to Physician’s or not, we need to be offering other people information, and value, and a service that will help them, and in turn they will send us people.”

[16:47] How to connect with Aaron.

[18:57] Cash based PT 101.


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