Episode 15- Movement Principles

In today’s episode Andrew and Nick sit down and get to the root of practicing as a physical therapist–movement principals. They tackle some tough topics and face the status quo head on by challenging the traditional style of physical therapy and asks the question; “Do you really know what movement is?”.

[2:13] What is movement?

[3:45] “Subconscious reaction due to a conscious task…”

[4:30] Application of conscious movement rehab vs subconscious

[7:15] Textbook thinking vs the reality of muscle function

[8:18] “If you’re decelerating a movement, that means gravity gave it to you for free.”

[9:48] Principals, principals, principals.

[10:07] “In the movement world, a lot of people are just looking at techniques….”

[10:30] Bringing it all back to letting what the patient/client wants to do/accomplish be the driver for treatment and technique.

[13:00] The complexity of movement, and going back to the root of what each muscle was designed to do.

[15:20] Motion. Proprioceptor. Muscle.

[19:50] The soleus nose driver.

[20:40] “…The movement becomes authentic because it is subconscious…”

[25:03] The entire movement profession needs to have an open discussion about movement principals.

[26:53] The site of pain is often not the source of pain.




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