Episode 1- Chad Madden; Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing “Guru”

chad profile picChad Madden “The Marketing Guru”, owner of Madden PT in Harrisburg, PA joins physical therapists Nick Hawkins and Andrew Gorecki in this PT On Fire podcast to call out private practice owners stuck in the rut of relying on physician referrals who are ready to take control of their own future and branch out into the world of direct response content marketing!

[1:28] Meet Chad Madden!

[5:17] Turning the faucet on to ramp up patient numbers through direct response marketing.

[9:30] “There is an empowerment that comes with that, and a feeling that we can control our own destiny when we learn how to use content marketing and attract people from the general public.”

[12:53] The myth of the mentality of scarcity.

[14:47] Using research to your advantage, and trying to correct the healthcare system that rewards surgery.

[18:29] “And what it’s going to force us to do, is go to people that really want to take care of their body, and avoid the person who doesn’t.”

[21:13] Chad shares about his company ‘Break through Physical Therapy Marketing’.

[25:01] The rocket ride of Workshops and the power behind them.

[26:05] Chad outlines the five phases in his new book “Killer Marketing Secrets”

[32:28] Get Chad’s book! Click Image Now To Download For FREE

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